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Wildermiss Band Visits Chattanooga for Nightfall Festival

The alternative rock and indie pop band, Wildermiss, is visiting Chattanooga for the Nightfall Music Festival that is continuing until Labor Day Weekend

The band members of Wildermiss have had a passion for music since they were each young. From there, each of their passions grew as they began to create music through different outlets, played alongside new people, and more. In the summer of 2016, the band began writing together and then played their first show together the October of that same year. Since then, they have continued to make music that has acquired many listeners that love their authentic music that you can easily vibe to.

The name for the band came from missing out on the wilderness that can be seen on a road trip. In an interview with the band, they stated, “Staring at a phone screen writing down band name ideas... then all of a sudden looking up and realizing you missed the beautiful scenery. Wildermiss.”

Wildermiss is excited to play in Chattanooga as part of the Nightfall Music Festival, as they have driven through the city many times before but have never had the time to get acquainted with the beautiful scenery and community that Chattanooga has to offer.

The band believes that their audiences can gain a “sense of place and acceptance” through listening to their music. Their music is perfect for driving through the mountains of Chattanooga, windows rolled down, as you appreciate the scenery around you.

Wildermiss is currently working on new music, and to keep up to date for the new songs they will be releasing this summer, as well as their tour dates, visit their website and make sure to come see them and other great bands at Nightfall!