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WanderLinger Brewing Company Provides Space For Creative Artists

WanderLinger incorporates its vision of “We Are Art” into their brand.

Brothers Chris and Mike Dial first created WanderLinger Brewing Company as a way of making cash off of their hobby taking up garage space. Now, WanderLinger has developed an active relationship with the music and art community, often hosting art shows and music festivals.

WanderLinger is an intersection of the brothers’ passions. The name and logo are drawn from Mike’s love of backpacking. Their connections to local musicians and artists have led them to feature local music and art at their business. Of course, there’s also Mike’s main passion: brewery.

WanderLinger’s beers aim to be true to the various regions of the world they are replicating through their grain, yeast, hops, and even water. By using their reverse-osmosis water system, WanderLinger can imitate the water profile of various parts of the globe.

Along with authentic-tasting beer, art is also a vital component of WanderLinger’s identity. Chris credits this to the friendships he and his brother had with local artists and musicians before WanderLinger became a business.

“As time has gone on, music and art have become as much a part of our value and mission as the beer,” Chris said.

On their events page, WanderLinger currently has four shows scheduled over the next two weeks, featuring Jimmy Dormire, The Couch Bandits, Randy Steele, and Blue Cumberland.

In addition to becoming a common venue for music festivals and art shows, WanderLinger has also hosted events for business launches, networking, the LGTBTQ community, charity fundraisers, and wedding and birthday parties.

“We believe that being active in the community is a vital part of any business’s success,” Chris said.

Keep up with WanderLinger on Instagram and Facebook, and check out their upcoming events and more on their website!