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Visual Storytelling with Randy Griffith

Randy Griffith shares his inspirations and the processes that guide his artwork

An infatuation with art that began at the age of 4 turned into a passion, thanks to the discovery of an artist’s uncle. What started with drawings of anything within accessibility progressed into the utilization of numerous mediums of still subjects, as well as landscapes. Meet Randy Griffith, a newly found local artist of Chattanooga.

Inspiration seems to come from everything around us, and indeed the same appears to be true for Randy. While Norman Rockwell and his visual stories appear at the top of the list for Randy, he has recently become more and more inspired by the artist he sees on social media.

I am now inspired by the artists I see on social media that are so talented with the use of technique and brilliant colors,” Randy said. “Many times a photo or scene catches my eye and many times some of the paintings are from memory or imagination.”

Each new inspiration, visual, and color is a memory stored and possibly used in his next painting. Of course, the paintings done from memory are nostalgic in taste, as seen in Randy’s 1940’s version of the Engel Stadium, or a Market Street scene from 1951.

In a constantly forward-moving century, Randy states, “I think people everywhere love the idea of preserving images of history.” With that in mind, Randy captures his memories in acrylics, watercolors, and oil paintings. All of them start as just rough sketches that Randy gradually adds color and ideas before transferring to the canvas and then adding on the rich colors and fine details that are his staple.

While not represented in any galleries currently, Randy does plan on possibly attending the Chattanooga Market, as well as other art shows. The preservation of history and the art of canvas storytelling is a skill that artist Randy Griffith has managed to master, and is graciously sharing with our local community.

You can currently find all of Randy’s works on his Etsy page (RandyGriffithArts) and his Instagram (rgriffithart).