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Thunder Studios: A New Studio Making a Lot of Noise

Local personality Kinnawa Kaitibi on the grand opening of Thunder Studios and how it will impact the community.

The Chattanooga music scene is expanding, thanks to a familiar face. Kinnawa Kaitibi has been supporting the local music scene for years now through his involvement with organizations like SoundCorps and ThaMilkDrop. He recently took a huge new step in his career by opening his own production studio, Thunder Studios.

Kinnawa has been building his brand and working on Thunder Studios for four years. Now that it is finally open, Kinnawa has big plans for using it to drive his endeavors and help the local music scene as it rebuilds post-pandemic.

“I wanted a home for my creativity and a place for others to come in and feel comfortable,” Kinnawa said. “One day, I want my studio to be as influential as Tyler Perry’s, as recognizable as Ryan Seacrest’s, and as lucrative as Oprah Winfrey’s.”

A big part of why Kinnawa says he started the studio is to inspire African-American entrepreneurs in Chattanooga. He hopes that the studio will serve as an example of what can be achieved through hard work and perseverance.

“I took a gamble and I invested in myself. I stayed true to the course and succeeded, and others can too,” Kinnawa said.

Thunder Studios will be a space created to supply local creatives with professional resources for music and video production. Kinnawa is also intending to use it as an internship opportunity for students at local high schools and UTC. The studio is also partnering with Suspire, a local organization that specializes in mental health, to ensure that the studio also serves as a space for positivity and growth.

“I want to use my skills to not only bring people’s visions to life, but also to help them grow themselves professionally and personally,” Kinnawa said.

Keep up with Kinnawa on Instagram and Facebook and visit Thunder Studios’ website to learn more!

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