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Thinking Deliriously With Zena Gottholm

Zena Gottholm details the changes she wants to bring to her art business and her experimentation with new art forms.

Zena Gottholm is Chattanooga's self-proclaimed ‘Dame of Delirium’ and her impact on the community definitely agrees with this title. She is renowned locally for her unique art style and creative visions and has not allowed COVID-19 to slow her down. Despite all of the recent chaos, she has continued to push forward as an artist.

“The world is changing and evolving so rapidly,” Zena said. “I’ve been using this time to find new methods of communication, focus on new ideas, and just overall find new ways to live as an artist!”

A big part of Zena’s recent exploration has been her experiments with new kinds of content. Traditionally her art has mostly consisted of canvas art, but she has dabbled in creating artwork on clothes and sculpting. Zena is especially excited about doing more sculptures, as she wants to bring more of her artwork into a ‘physical realm’.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about sculpture pieces as I want to be able to bring my characters to life, but in a new dimension,” Zena said.

Zena also just wants to bring a whole new style and look to her next set of art pieces. By experimenting with new mediums, she wants to make her pieces appear more vivid. She hopes to give them a more texturized look and to experiment with perspective.

“I started off only doing drawings because I was afraid of color,” Zena shared. “But after doing painting, I saw how much color allowed pieces to breathe and solidify.”

Zena has also been staying active by continuing to be involved with the community. She was present at the Valley Vibes Music Festival this year, selling artwork and pins at the event. She also has been selling artwork on her online shop and has plans to continue to appear at local pop-up art shows.

The next step for Zena is for her to try to make art her full-time job. She wants to be constantly creating great pieces to put out in the world and always be honing her craft.

“I want the next step in my career to be as productive as possible. I want to keep making work that hopefully inspires people, allows them to feel comforted or disturbed, and allows them to search for their own meanings.”

Make sure to go follow Zena Gottholm on Instagram to stay up to date on all her delirious news. You can also visit her shop to see and purchase her art!