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The Role Of Artists With Alecia Vera Buckles

Alecia Vera Buckles gives advice on how artists can engage the community during these uncertain times

“Just keep working. Just keep making. Just keep dreaming. Stay focused on your own path and help others when you can. Keep finding inspiration in the small things and share it with those who need it as well. We must come together to uplift and support one another during this time."

These words are advice Alecia is giving to those that would like to enter the artist community in the midst of a trying and confusing time. Despite the economic vulnerabilities that the artist community is subject to experience, Alecia has been staying productive, creating a safe space for herself to enjoy.

However, alongside taking care of herself, she has been making sure that so long as she is able-bodied, she is masking up and participating in the recent BLM movements. By masking up and joining protests, volunteering for non-profits and organizations aimed at helping underprivileged communities, she demonstrates alignment with the importance of these movements with her values.

She says that it is a “vital role to be involved considering the state of the world.” The local art scene may be in the throes of some downtime and the accompanying disappointments ofmissed opportunities due to the state of the nation, but Alecia is taking it all in stride, and urges others to do the same.

Now more than ever “is a great time to dream and explore new opportunities.” The

world may be on hold, but Alecia believes that does not mean it is a time to stay stagnant. It is a time to “create new ways for others to thrive.”

With a few undisclosed projects underway, you can stay up-to-date with Alecia on Instagram or through her website. She also would like to point people to her friend Ali Waller on Instagram, @universalartcollective as Alecia intends to work with her on future projects.