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The Rising “Red Eyed Rooster” Coffee

Husband and wife team, Andi and Joe Hill, always had a passion for coffee and the experiences that come with sharing it, and in March 2022, their dreams came true when they opened the Red Eyed Rooster traveling coffee.

The Red Eyed Rooster began to build community in Chattanooga when Andi partnered with New Wave Coffee Roasters and (Be)Caffeinated, and this connected Andi and her husband to the Chattanooga coffee community. Serving coffee across Chattanooga has allowed the team to continue connecting with the community, and Andi and Joe genuinely enjoy meeting new people and having meaningful conversations.

Andi states, “With coffee being a worldwide top-traded commodity, I think it's clear people love to buy coffee and by nature, it is something to connect over and we enjoy sharing that”.

Recently, the coffee company has partnered with Be The Change Youth Initiative for their Concert for a Cause series and supports their passion to encourage young adults to use their talents to reach others and make a positive difference in the community. The company also attends the Chattanooga Farmer’s Market on Sundays frequently and hopes to participate in more festivals as the fall weather approaches.

Chattanoogans love not only their hospitality but also their delicious coffee. The Red Eyed Rooster has four signature drinks for each season, and they just recently released their fall menu. One of their best-selling drinks is the “Mad McConnell”, which has white chocolate, salted caramel drizzle, and pumpkin cold foam, and was even named after McConnell Elementary, where a teacher continuously ordered the drink.

The Red Eyed Rooster is just getting started in Chattanooga and they wish to continue growing and using their reach to involve themselves with local organizations that bring awareness to important causes. One of their goals now is to serve coffee to the community teachers and school systems of Chattanooga, as the team sees how important they are to our community.

To follow the Red Eyed Rooster and try some of their amazing coffee, check out their website and social media!

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