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The Eggshells: New Styles In Chattanooga

In June 2020, Liam and Damien connected through a mutual friendship, and through their shared love for creating fun, original music, the Eggshells band was born.

The Eggshells is unique to the Chattanooga community because of their style and versatility. “We take most of our influence from the Australian surf punk scene,” they said.

“Our versatility is also an outlying factor,” they continued. “We range from playing fast-paced punky songs to slow emotional songs throughout our set list and we personally haven’t heard anyone like us before.”

The Eggshells have been met with enthusiastic acceptance in Chattanooga. “We’ve received lots of positive feedback from the community,” they said. “Our fan base is very supportive and we’re thankful for it every day!”

The Eggshells feel their future has the potential for many different directions.

“As of right now, our goal is to just have fun and see where the road takes us,” they said. “We want to play as many shows as we possibly can and hopefully gain a larger audience and maybe even sign to a label if given the opportunity.”

“Of course we would love to make it big,” they acknowledged, “but as of right now our purpose is just to have a great time playing and releasing new songs for our audience to vibe with.”

Coming up, the Eggshells will be releasing their second song titled “Part in the Clouds.”

You can follow The Eggshells on Instagram and check out their songs on Spotify!

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