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The Art Of Business: Two Ridges Pottery Brings Great Pottery To Local Businesses

Tori Hunt is using Two Ridges Pottery to fill the demands of businesses and create incredible pottery art.

Pottery is one of the biggest emerging art forms in the area with new pottery businesses springing up all over the Chattanooga area. With this growth, one local pottery business is setting itself apart by catering to other local businesses.

Tori Hunt, the owner of Two Ridges Pottery, first gained experience with pottery in high school. She really blossomed with the craft though when she worked for a local gallery. While there she created pieces for her family and friends.

“Now here I am a year and a half later, full-time in my own studio with employees, making and sending pottery to clients all over the country,” Tori said.

The process of creating her pieces starts with putting the clay for what she is making on the wheel. After it has firmed a bit she adds the handles, logos, carvings or whatever else her client has requested. The process continues until Tori fills her 10 cubic foot kiln with pieces ready to be fired and then glazed.

“The whole process usually takes about 3 weeks”.

While many local potters just do it as a hobby, there are several who have converted their art into businesses as Tori has. Many of them focus on teaching pottery classes though or on pain-a-pot style places where customers paint their own pottery. Two Ridges takes a different approach though, serving more like a pottery studio and production company. This allows Two Ridges to act as a local business that provides other local businesses with high-quality custom pottery.

“We make pieces for wholesale as a large part of my business,” Tori said. “We also make one-off pieces and stock items for my webshop.”

Two Ridges Pottery can be followed on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to visit their website where they will be announcing upcoming sales and events!