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“Stray Sod”: Maggie Vandewalle’s Slice Of The Mythical

Just like its folklore origins, Maggie Vandewalle’s newest art piece, “Stray Sod,” combines mythical elements to create a stunning piece of art.

“I was reading a book on Irish folklore that mentioned Stray Sod, a bit of turf enchanted by fairies that if stepped on would cause an unsuspecting traveler to lose his or her way, even if in familiar territory,” she said. “Shortly after that, a friend posted a pic of a turtle coming out of ‘hibernation with a clump of mud on its back.”

“Stray Sod” took a month to complete. While the process of creating this piece was essentially the same as the others, it had a special meaning for Maggie. “I loved the subject matter,” she said. Her progress pictures on Instagram were very well received, adding to the pleasure of the work.

As for the composition itself, Maggie had an idea of the fundamental design in mind; the details, however, sprung into the painting almost with their own independence.

“Whatever wound up in the grass/weeds was purely random, as were the weeds themselves,” Maggie explained. “At some point, all the intersecting bits become almost abstract.”

“This [piece] satisfied so many things for me,” Maggie continued. Her favorite part was the weeds. “I love the intricate detail of the weeds. I was pleased with the expression of the turtle, but mostly I was pleased with the restraint I used with the composition.”

“Once upon a time I would have covered the entire surface with the weeds and figured out later where to put the turtle,” she concluded.

With this painting, she captured the essence of the beauty of the mythical Irish tales and preserved them for today’s viewers.

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