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Sneak peek: Panelists at the 2021 Chattanooga Hip-Hop Summit

Several local panelists from the event hint at what attendees can expect.

The 2021 Chattanooga Hip-Hop Summit is tomorrow! The Summit has scheduled 12 different panels that will cover a wide variety of topics, including music advice, financial advice, and social impact. In anticipation of this community-building event, we reached out to several of the panelists to ask what attendees can expect from their discussions.

Photo by J. Adams

Kinnawa Kaitibi

Getting the Business Right

“I have been serving as a supporter of the event on the committee and it has been great to be working with an awesome team of people who love music! I will be leading the discussion during the “Getting the Business Right” panel where artists and business executives will learn about best practices on how to get their business and artistry moving. I expect that people will leave with an enhanced love for hip-hop music in our community and its culture! I also want participants to leave with knowledge and skills that will directly help them to thrive in their careers.”

Photo by Simon West


Thriving as an Independent Artist

“I will be speaking as a ‘thriving independent artist’. I’ve been blessed to be able to tap into many opportunities that most independent artists haven’t, so I will be sharing my thoughts and process on how I am able to consistently do so. Consistency and collaboration are key to success and I hope that people will leave knowing that. We sometimes have a voice in our head that sounds like an idea and a lot of times that voice is actually destiny. KEEP WORKING. It WILL grow. I want people to have a clear goal and put in the work to see that they will reach heights they never thought they would.”

Photo by Dewayne Bingham


Using Your Platform for Social Good

“This summit and the past week isn’t just about celebrating hip-hop music, but all of hip-hop culture. I want to be able to tell my story of how I have gone from a rapper to a galvanizer who is representing their culture and civically engaged. The “using your platform for social good” panel is all about encouraging artists to use their platforms for social good and finding new ways that our community can come together to make a change.”

The Summit will be taking place at Miller Park at 10 a.m. The schedule is as follows:

Women in Hip-Hop - 10 a.m., Miller Park Stage

Monetization Beyond the Music - 11 a.m., Miller Park Stage

Improving Your Digital Strategy - 11 a.m., Tent #2

Thriving as an Independent Artist - 12 p.m., Tent #2

Leveraging Cryptocurrency & NFT’s for Your Artistry - 12 PM, Miller Park Stage

Marketing and Branding YOU - 1 p.m., Miller Park Stage

Using Your Platform for Social Good - 1 p.m., Tent #2

A Label Perspective - 2 p.m., Miller Park Stage

Documenting Your Journey - 2 p.m., Tent #2