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SevenStones On Continuing To Make Music During Covid-19

Local rock band Seven Stones discusses upcoming performances and their goals for the


“We will continue making music despite this pandemic.”

Though the future of music is uncertain, band members of SevenStones remain hopeful.

Because they have not been able to perform live, the band has put all of their energy into creating new music. They plan to have new singles out by the end of this year. SevenStones are taking their music in a new direction— one they describe as their best sound yet.

“We never want to limit ourselves to the style or genre of a song.” The band’s newest member, drummer Jacob Clines, has given the band a fresh start and helped them to have the intrinsic outlook they have been searching to find.

One of the band’s most exciting projects is their upcoming performance at the Valley

Vibes Music Festival. The festival will take place October 16 and 17 at Cherokee Farms in North Georgia. SevenStones will be performing on the 17th. The band was approached by festival organizers Adam Gann and Nathaniel McDaniel to represent Chattanooga’s hard rock scene. They hope for the festival to be a respite from this unexpected year. While taking the necessary precautions, they want people to have a fun time enjoying some of Chattanooga’s best musicians.

The band hopes that in 2021 they will be able to perform live and tour again. In the meantime, they will take advantage of live streaming on social media to perform. Though the music scene has suffered some great losses this year, such as Songbirds closing, SevenStones believes there will always be a place for musicians and fans to come together.

SevenStones is streaming across all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Bandcamp. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with new music and future performances.