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Ryan Oyer releases new single, "Worthy of Love"

Ryan Oyer, a local musician in Chattanooga, will be performing at the Nightfall Festival this summer, and will be releasing his new single “Worthy of Love”

Ryan’s passion for singing and songwriting was inspired by his parents who had bought him his first guitar when he was a child and continued to cultivate an environment that encouraged him to explore his interest in music. Now, Ryan tries to make music that he wished existed, and he finds inspiration in everything around him, including his son's music toys.

The music that Ryan creates comes from his experiences, memories, and daydreams, and he often uses this process to better understand the world around him. This process also serves to remind him of the experiences he wishes to have a closer hold on.

When Ryan first moved to Chattanooga, he developed a close relationship with music that shaped who he is and how he approaches life. He has used music to beneficially impact the community of Chattanooga, like hosting two mental health fundraisers that were intended to provide comfort. In the interview, Ryan stated, “It’s not just about the music, it’s about the people around us that we love and healing each other”.

Chattanooga has become a home to Ryan, and he loves the friends that he has made through the music community that Chattanooga has to offer. Ryan is excited to perform at the Nightfall Festival on the 3rd of June this summer as the Festival celebrates its 35th season.

Ryan will be releasing his new single “Worthy of Love” that day, which he describes as his most 'oasisesque” sound yet, and I am looking forward to the release. This will also be Ryan’s first show since the pandemic, and he is excited to perform with his band again!

Towards the end of June, Ryan will also be performing The Beatles - “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” to commemorate the 55 years of the album at Songbirds Foundation.

To keep up with Ryan and his music, check out his website where you can find all the links you need to listen and support his music!