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Ryan Oyer: A Community Built Song Writer

Ryan Oyer details the support he has received throughout his musical journey.

Photos by Ricardo Chang (@noogaside), Allie Clark (@alliebc87), Ricky Davis (@iamtrd_official)

Ryan Oyer’s earliest musical memory was watching “A Hard Day’s Night” at around five years old.

“I really enjoyed seeing the Beatles perform and their ‘personalities’ from the film,” Ryan said.

Ryan also received several musical instruments from his family. In junior high, his Grandpa Oyer gave him a trumpet, which Ryan played through high school in the wind ensemble, marching band, and jazz band. As a teenager, Ryan’s parents gifted him with an electric guitar, and he immediately began writing his own music. But Ryan was reluctant to perform any of his songs.

10 years later, in his apartment, Ryan was playing a new song he had written called Rabbit Hole for his friend Noah Collins. Noah liked it so much that he booked a gig for both of them at Mudpie and took Ryan to his first open mic at Tremont Tavern. Ryan credits these first performance experiences for the successes he’s had as a song writer.

“Some of my favorite people I’ve ever met I met at an open mic,” Ryan said. “I consider myself fortunate to have had the experiences I have.”

Ryan has recorded and released multiple albums and regularly performs in the Chattanooga area. His most recent album, “Rise & Shine,” is currently being pressed on vinyl and is available to preorder. Ryan is also planning to release a short film music video for his song “Phoenix Rising,” also from the “Rise & Shine” album. There are also plans to release a “Rise & Shine” remix by Ryan’s friend Spaz from MDahts.

“I think what [Spaz] did is brilliant,” Ryan said about the remix.

If you’d like to see Ryan Oyer perform live, check him out at Ringgold Depot Opry on August 14, 7-9 p.m.! Other performers will include Somersault String Ensemble, Butch Ross, and Lazy Horse.

Ryan has also written a demo for a songwriting challenge that he’d love for you to check out.

Learn even more about Ryan Oyer on his website, give his music a listen on bandcamp, and stay updated on performance and release dates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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