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Rosetta Greer: Empowering People

Although she has many different interests, writing has always been special to Rosetta Greer.

Photo by Reginald Clack

“I began writing at 13 years old as a featured poet at Orchard Knob Middle School’s Poetry Program with Mr. Thomas Baker,” Rosetta said. “It was at that point that I fell in love with expressing my thoughts through writing.”

As Rosetta entered adulthood, she began journaling and writing poetry, eventually becoming a speaker seeking to empower others.

“A lot of healing, enlightenment, and growth took place throughout my journey,” she said, “so I decided to self-publish a self-help workbook journal in 2018 (Memoirs of My Soul: a Journey to Self).”

Rosetta’s book, “7 Realms of Ascension: From Religion to Spirituality,” is the product of many questions asked by people all over the world.

“My goal is to empower people to operate beyond conditioned mindsets and relearn through a divine and spiritual outlook,” she said of her book. The release date is November 11, 2021.

Rosetta was born and raised in Chattanooga. Artistically inclined, Rosetta has taken part in a variety of creative activities, from braiding hair to singing to visual art.

“In my pursuit of honoring my purpose and art, I created a Frequency Painting Seminar using the knowledge of the seven chakra colors, paint, and solfeggio hertz frequency to open people up to their present self,” she said. “I wanted to help people see themselves from an artistic point of view.”

Rosetta hosts private and public seminars at various locations around Chattanooga, such as Northside Neighborhood House.

She also manages three other businesses: Crowning Your Essence, Inc., Koffani, and the Royal Circle of Sisters, Inc. Crowning Your Essence offers consulting services and seminars and produced “7 Realms of Ascension.”

Koffani is her children’s business that she manages. “Koffani’s mission is to empower children to have fun through different forms of art,” Rosetta said. Her daughters, Khloe and Nefertari, are models, and her son, Kenyon, is an artist.

Book cover by Julius Hubbard

The Royal Circle of Sisters is a nonprofit organization. “Our art emphasis is through the Reset-Mindset Initiative,” Rosetta explained. “We used artistic expressions throughout these programs to help black and brown families heal, reset, and restore themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically.”

For the future, Rosetta has a specific goal. “I want to continue my travels throughout the country, empowering people to not only live their best life, but to love and honor it,” she said. “My ultimate goal is to remind humanity that this world is bigger than the moment they’re in and in that fact, that they desire to serve the highest good, every moment they breathe.”

Keep up with Rosetta on Instagram, and check out Crowning Your Essence, Koffani, and the Royal Circle of Sisterhood on their websites!