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Richard Jackson: Awarded Author of Poetry

UTC professor of creative writing and poetry Richard Jackson shares his experiences as an author.

Richard Jackson, professor of creative writing and poetry at UTC, is also an author of 16 poetry books. Richard’s talent in writing has led to him receiving awards such as the Order of Freedom Medal by the President of Slovenia and the inaugural Barnett Prize for Local Distinguished Authors in Chattanooga.

Richard has traveled across the world to places such as Prague and Hong Kong, receiving recognition for his writing and teaching abilities in almost every place he visits. Despite seeing so many other places in the world, he is glad that he made his home in Chattanooga because of its vibrant community and the friendships he has built with the faculty of UTC.

UTC’s Creative Writing Department is known for its talented faculty and the many students who have published works of their own. Richard believes that the professors in the department have great experiences in the writing industry and are equipped to lead students toward a successful future in writing. The department orients itself around the Meacham Writers’ Workshop, which Richard started nearly thirty years ago and is intended to offer a great opportunity to aspiring writers.

Richard believes writing is a process of self-discovery and allows one to see how they view the world around them. After finding inspiration to be a writer in the artistic community of New York City, Richard went on to create an incredibly successful writing career for himself. He has received five Pushcart Prizes, the Prairie Schooner Reader’s Choice Award, and has had his poetry translated into 17 languages. As he created a successful career in writing for himself, Richard has also done the same for many students who have learned from him. Over 50 of the undergraduate students Richard once coached have gone on to write over 120 books.

Richard is now working on a new book of poetry titled The Heart as Framed, intended to be published in April of 2022.