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Rhyme N Chatt: “Changing Lives One Rhyme at a Time”

Rhyme N Chatt is a local, interactive poetry organization that wishes to

provide “a safe place where poetry is shared and discussed, and people

are valued”

President of Rhyme N Chatt, Marsha Mills, considers the organization her

poetic family and her greatest passion. The organization provides a safe

platform to share and discuss poetry through the open mic and ticketed shows

that they host. The intention of the organization is to create a welcoming and

respectful atmosphere where individuals can express themselves through

written and spoken poetry, without fear of judgment.

The organization was founded by Vincent Phipps in 1999 when he desired to

create a space where poets of all ages, backgrounds, and talents could come

together and share their love of poetry. Many have come to Rhyme N Chatt

the first time that they wished to share their poetry aloud because of the safe

atmosphere the team members have worked to create.

“Poetry brings people of all backgrounds and ages together”, as Marsha

states, and she has seen this firsthand as the organization has allowed for

many friendships and connections to be created. In recent years, Rhyme N

Chatt has seen the art community of Chattanooga grow, and now there are

many open mic events happening all over the city. Many of these platforms

are organized by people who have been connected to Rhyme N Chatt and its

family of poets. Marsha states, “They are part of our legacy, and we are proud

of all the amazing things they are doing to support the arts in our city”.

Rhyme N Chatt hosts monthly open mic events, with the next one being on Thursday, May 19th at 7 p.m. in the Edney Building on Market Street.

The organization is also honored to assist with the Chattanooga Festival of Black Arts and Ideas Juneteenth Celebration. The “James Baldwin Festival of Words” falls within the Chattanooga Black Arts and Ideas Festival, and Rhyme N Chatt, Velvet Poetry, Hip Hop CHA, and others are helping to organize this.

The events are: June 11 - Writer's Workshop featuring Erika Roberts June 11 - Literary Lounge featuring local, black authors June 12 - Sip, Paint & Spit featuring wine, visual art & poetry June 17 - An Intimate Evening with International Spoken Word Poet, Obbie West June 18 - Panel Discussion on the connection between Wellness and the Arts June 21 - Fresh Out the Shoebox Poetry Session & Youth Open Mic June 25 - Young Black Voices/Shades of Poetry Showcase

Visit the Chattanooga Festival of Black Arts & Ideas website for the full list of

Festival events here.

Marsha knows that poetry can be written from someone’s pain and

vulnerability, and this is why she has worked to continue the mission of

Rhyme N Chatt to provide a safe platform where people can express

themselves through their poetry.

To keep up with more events hosted by Rhyme N Chatt and to learn more about their beautiful organization, visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook too!