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Revisiting Connie Roberts: A Chattanooga Creative

Now in her fourth year of painting, Connie continues to bring joy to others through her artistic talents and a paintbrush.

Through her art, Connie wishes to convey a message that shows everyone the beauty in everyday life. Connie Roberts is a Chattanooga local that paints everything from folk to fine art, and she continues to discover new mediums and styles of painting.

On most Sundays, Connie can be seen at the Chattanooga Market, where she sells her creations, such as beautiful paintings, hand-painted jewelry, and Chattanooga merchandise, like magnets and stickers. She is incredibly grateful to Chattanooga’s Market because they committed to finding a way to open with adequate spacing for Chattanooga residents and artists during the pandemic.

Selling her art through the Market has allowed Connie to build interpersonal relationships, and to connect with visiting friends. It has also allowed her to see how her art is directly impacting the lives of others, and her experience at the Market has even inspired some of her paintings.

For instance, she met a couple that had just gone on their first date, and they purchased a painting from her. Connie recently saw where they now live together, more in love, with her art hanging in their apartment. Connie also favors painting Cardinals in honor of her late Aunt and loves to see the connections others have to Cardinals as well.

Connie has impacted the community of Chattanooga with her art, one person at a time. Her art brings joy to others, and Connie enjoys doing this through her paintings. She intends to keep growing as an artist, through classes and self-study and is excited to continue doing what she loves.

Check out Connie's website to keep up with events and new paintings!