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Recording Creativity With Creative Moon Productions

Morgan Smith discuss how Creative Moon Productions is using photography to inspire and document creatives in the community

At the age of four or five, Morgan Smith was given a binocular style camera that sparked her love for photography. She frequently found herself taking photos of things that most people overlooked, and after twenty-six years, she has become well-practiced in creating magic from something ordinary. Now she leads Creative Moon Productions, a company that focuses on event photography and videography.

Although the company frequently captures events, Smith has various ideas on the backburner that focus on other projects. When asked what her favorite subjects for photography or videography are, Smith responds saying that she enjoys clouds, flowers, and buildings because “we see them every day and often forget to pay attention, but they are truly magical.”

Exposing the ordinary is the main goal for Creative Moon Productions. The company wants to remind individuals to admire the clouds, a small flower, or the building that may be standing in their way and think about the strength and history of what that individual is seeing. They are striving to continue capturing events that can remind someone of significant moments in their lives.

Within the Chattanooga community, Creative Moon has been recording the creative scene for years. Smith has been able to watch several people develop their talents and grow themselves and she hopes to continue supporting them. She says that others are excited to see her with a camera because that means there will be evidence of their work. Smith states, “I want the community to remember that it is important to take photos because the mind can only hold so much.”

Creative Moon Productions will be the photographer and videographer for the choreopoem “For Colored Girls” at Barking Legs from July 10th until July 12th. Until then, you can follow Creative Moon Productions on Facebook and Instagram.

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