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Putting Comics On Pages With Daniel Grissom

Daniel Grissom discusses the future of his art career and his plans for future doodle books and graphic novels.

Daniel Grissom has always been an ambitious character. The local artist has been keeping his art career alive and thriving while also being a father and a teacher during COVID-19. He has just completely redone his Etsy store and is continuing to create and sell his unique artwork. Daniel has ambitions far beyond his current art styles and practices though.

COVID-19 has given Daniel a chance to slow down a bit and refocus on his art career. While his career has mostly consisted of him selling his works as single prints online, Daniel has greater aspirations.

“Oh yeah, I’ve got upcoming projects,” Daniel said. “They’re all pretty longterm projects, so I’m not sure on the time table.”

Among these are plans for a doodle book that compiles all of Daniel’s ‘bible doodles’ into one place. He also wants to do more illustrations focusing on his experiences as a foster parent. The biggest project that he wants to tackle though is creating a graphic novel. Daniel is only in the beginning stages of this, but he hopes it will be the start of taking his art career to a new level.

Taking up these projects has been a goal for Daniel for a long time now. He has always wanted to commit to focusing on larger stories and lengthier works, but it was only recently that he found the footing he felt he needed. Reading comics and graphic novels has helped in motivating him to go further.

“I knew so little about the craft of comic writing and it was always so intimidating,” Daniel said. “It seemed like such an overwhelming undertaking.”

Once the pandemic ends, Daniel is hoping to also become involved with the local comic community. He hopes to join the Comix Co-op in town so that he can connect with other writers and illustrators. Beyond that he has planned to start an Illustrators club at the school he teaches at so that he can instill a love for drawing in the students there.

You can keep up with all of these projects by following Daniel Grissom on Instagram. You can also visit his Etsy page to shop for his creations.