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Press Release: Artist Ali Waller Inspires Survivors of Abuse with Art

Ali Waller inspires Chattanoogans with an art showcase on January 8, 2022.

Globally recognized for her inspirational work, Ali Waller returns to

Chattanooga to showcase her two pieces titled “mommy” and “/200”, along

with the work of Eunice Lunsford titled “They Would Never”. These pieces

each explore the topic of surviving abuse, whether sexual, domestic,

emotional, or religious, and can be seen on January 8 at 1302 S Willow St in

Chattanooga, TN.

Photo by Chandler Kim

Ali Waller found inspiration for this show from her personal journey of healing

from abuse. Her work “/200” features plaster casts of women’s bodies, and

the display of these casts are intended to mimic high art witnessed in

cathedrals through a modernized lens.

For the project “/200”, Chattanooga makes up 600 of the 1,140 survivors Ali

has cast, and the project has been uplifted through the various communities

within Chattanooga that find inspiration in Ali’s work. The project is a lifelong

work and Ali hopes to “continue in contemporary art fields creating all

consuming spaces for people to walk through, meditate, and discuss”.

Photo by Imani Givertz

Anyone is welcome to be casted by Ali and to find the link to being casted,

follow Ali on her Instagram. Through Ali’s social media, people

can donate to the project, find support groups, and find access to the

Chattanooga resource list of affordable or alternative mental health services.