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Press Release: Ain’t No Waste Block Party 2.0

On March 4th, Creative Culture Collective is presenting the Ain’t No Waste Block Party 2.0, from 5PM and into the night. The Block Party will feature live music, recycled art, a fashion show, a dance party, and much more. The event will be hosted at the Wanderlinger Brewing Company in Chattanooga, and the event is free to all.

Creative Culture Collective is a collective of artists, musicians, and creatives that desire to elicit change in the community of Chattanooga. These creatives seek to advocate for social change and use entertainment to do so, such as presenting events or fundraisers for issues of social injustice.

The event was inspired by Trash Talk in Atlanta which provided artists with materials, materials that we would view as trash, and have them repurpose them into apparel and art supplies. The founders of Creative Culture Collective loved this idea and wanted to take it to the next level in the community of Chattanooga.

The founders of the collective became aware of an issue of littering in Chattanooga and have also been aware of artists in the community struggling. The founders wished to connect these two issues so that they could take away from the landfills and support the local artists of Chattanooga.

The collective has been hosting events for donations, such as donations of art supplies, and they will disperse these donations to the community of Chattanooga, supporting our artists. The event will showcase the works of artists that they made from trash in a fashion show and will have some of the pieces on sale. The event will also have booths that will provide information of what we can do in the community of Chattanooga, and how we can assist in alleviating the issue of littering.

The Block Party is centered around social change and networking. By gathering the creative community of Chattanooga together for a cause, it allows for members of the community to become aware that there are more issues in the world, and this event will show how we can help.

While informative, the event will also be entertaining as it is featuring musicians such as: Pandoras Box, Dos Fuegos, PYAR, Ben Lee, DJ SmoothK Swagglord Hammondsmoothk, Gerome’s Electric Church Band, Cam & Cain, Juneou GodKing, and Side Chick! The Block Party will be very exciting with its various means of entertainment that are coming to support a great cause.

Creative Culture Collective has more ideas for events in the future that will help the community of Chattanooga, and to keep up with them, follow their Instagram