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Once a Month empowers women through comedy

Comedy show Once A Month returns to Chattanooga with a star-studded cast of female comedians and two ‘token males’.

Laughs will be echoing across Chattanooga as the Once a Month comedy show hosted by Natasha Ferrier returns Dec. 22. Once a Month is a bi-annual comedy show that features an all-female comedian lineup with one “token male.”

This year’s show will be taking place at 9 p.m. on Dec. 22 at the Cherry Street Tavern, featuring seven amazing comedians from all over the country. All of the comedians are female except for two “token males.” Natasha said they are featuring two instead of one this year to be in the spirit of holiday giving.

Producer and host Natasha Ferrier started Once a Month in 2018. While Natasha has moved to New York City since then, she is continuing to keep the show alive. Once a Month strives to be a comedy show that breaks comedic norms, starting with its focus on female comedians.

“Many people see women as not being as active in comedy because we often end up being the ‘token female’ on a show,” Natasha said. “This show proves that there are not only countless women working in comedy, but hilarious ones at that.”

The comedians featured in this show are:

Hillary Begley (Asheville, NC)

Katherine Blanford (Atlanta, GA)

Katie Hughes (Atlanta, GA)

Carlette Jennings (Atlanta, GA)

Lauren Knight (Atlanta, GA)

Will Foskey (Atlanta, GA)

Michael Isaacs (Denver, CO)

Natasha is the show’s host.

This show will also be featuring local artists, including Feral Grandmother, Scaredy Cat Co., Michael Lardizabal, My Dope Dolls, and Katrina Ferrier.

Doors will open at 8 p.m. The show will start at 9 p.m. and last for 90 minutes. You can learn more and reserve tickets here.