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Natural And Geometric: How Madison Weisenseel Turns Contrasting Elements Into Amazing Art

Local Artist Madison Weisenseel’s art has captivated her followers with stunning natural imagery combined with crisp geometric design.

An artist's hands itch with the need to create. They possess the ability to create things never before seen or to discover new combinations of mediums. Madison Weisenseel has always had the creative itch. Like many artists, Madison found herself struggling with math and sciences in school. It wasn’t until high school and her college years that Madison discovered a hidden love for the two subjects she struggled with. This love would lead to her style of geometric art being born.

“There seemed to be endless capacities of exploration and crossover between these studies and the visual arts,” Madison said. In her paintings, there is a connection between the systematic and the natural, the chaotic and the calming. Using Chattanooga itself as inspiration, Madison shared that she wishes to capture the characteristics of everyday life, striving to preserve the natural while adding her own stylistic flavor.

Using bare wood as a centerpiece for her work allows Madison to stand out against the crowd of artists in the area, making her own style and formula for creativity especially unique. Madison’s artwork features elements like birds, insects, and flowers combined with geometric patterns to create a mesmerizing work of art that is sure to catch the wandering eye. The social realm of art is demanding. While many artists strive to have their work featured in galleries, Madison acknowledges that social media is just as critical.

“Social media is a game-changer in the art world,” Madison said. “Some artists exhibit more success on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.” Many of today's artists seek global recognition, but there’s a certain charm to local outreach. Madison has kept her ties close to Chattanooga as she has progressed in her craft, hoping to reach those who appreciate her art for what it is.

Madison, like many artists, has a personal connection with the creation of her art. Rather than forcing it onto others, she hopes to inspire creative youth to explore their talents dauntlessly. Such talents are valuable in a world that tries pulling creativity from young people and installing skills our society deems "practical."

“Sparks of creativity in youth must be nurtured and encouraged,” Madison said. “Without them the world would be very, very bland.” Be sure to check out Madison’s artwork on her Instagram, @madsunstudio.