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Michael Almond’s Discussion on The Tannery and Racial Injustices

Last month author Michael Almond visited Chattanooga to discuss his debut novel The Tannery and the history of racial injustices in the South at an event hosted by Chattanooga’s Southern Lit Alliance.

Michael Almond is a retired international business attorney and has always held a passion for reading. Amidst the pandemic, Michael found inspiration to transform his fourteen years of research in the history of the South into a novel, The Tannery. The novel reflects themes of Black voter suppression, racial oppression, and the Jim Crow Law narrative.

Along with reading, Michael has always had a passion for history, and when researching the history of the South, Michael found dark periods of time that were dominated by Black voter suppression and racial violence. With The Tannery, Michael wishes to expose these dark and shameful aspects of the past so that the audiences of today will be informed. The novel allows for its readers to take into account the injustices of the past and to see how they are still relevant to the political environment today, raising awareness of issues of racial injustices.

This novel is important because it educates its readers on the past, and we must know the mistakes made in history so that they are not repeated today. Readers can have their consciousness raised on the dark events of the South’s history and see that the injustices of the past are still apparent today, calling us to action.

To hear more about Michael’s important novel, The Tannery, and to hear him bring awareness to racial injustices of the past, check out his website where he has future events listed!