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Meet Victoria Sauer: Art's Tenant

Local painter and recent UTC graduate Victoria Sauer discusses her residency at Stove Works and hopes for her art career.

Photographer: John Dooley (@wolfrancis)

Oil-based painter Victoria Sauer is nationally recognized for her hyperrealistic technique and representation of the slightly otherworldly. Sauer graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in the Spring of 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing. Despite the unpredictable complications of the Covid-19 pandemic, she continues to make art through her residency at Stove Works, a local venue for artists to produce and exhibit contemporary art.

“When I moved to Chattanooga, Stove Works seemed more like an abstract concept of what was to come. There was no site yet, no building, no concrete gallery, just pop-up shows and a super promising future. It’s been a treat to watch Stove Works fully materialize and to now be working with them,” Victoria states.

Photographer: William Johnson (@wm.johnsonphotography)

She first worked alongside Stove Works in January of 2020 by presenting her art at their local Sideshow Slideshow. She was then offered a position of Residency Fellow for their inaugural year through October 2021. As a resident, she serves as a liaison between artists and administration.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to live and create work on-site, as well as forge so many connections with incoming residents.”

Photographer: William Johnson (@wm.johnsonphotography)

Through her work, Victoria hopes to break down the notion that artistic success relies on geography. A fulfilling art career can happen anywhere, and she proudly identifies as a Chattanooga-based artist.

Victoria’s new piece, “I Woke up Asleep,” will be displayed at Stove Works gallery throughout the month of March, along with other on-site artists’ work.

Learn more about Victoria Sauer by visiting her website here. Follow her on Instagram to stay up-to-date with her art.

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