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Meet The Band: The Afternooners

The Afternooners discuss the band's story, style, and an upcoming record

photo by: walker jones

For nearly 5 years now, The Afternooners have been one of Chattanooga's most successful bands. While the band covers a wide array of music, ranging from alt-rock to jazz, they have developed a unique style and brand that has become synonymous with Chattanooga's live music scene.

The Afternooners began with singer Bryce Cronan, drummer Blake Harmon, and bassist Griffin Leach. The three had been friends in school and worked together to build the band. They quickly gained a following by performing at various fraternity shows and tailgate parties all over the south.

Since then, the band has grown into a musical powerhouse. It now consists of five members:

Bryce Cronan- Lead singer and rhythm guitarist

Blake Harmon- Drummer

Ben Stephens- Keyboardist

Brett Tallent- Bassist

Bryan Martin- Lead guitarist

All members assist with backup vocals.

When asked about what separates them from other local bands, The Afternooners said that it had to be the energy and effort they put into their performances. They want to make sure that their live shows are full of energy and always unique from any other experience the audience has had.

When it comes to their recordings, the band describes itself as being ‘very cohesive. They take all of the many genres they explore and try to put them all into one song, creating something truly unlike anything else. The Afternooners want to make sure that they are always bringing something new to the table, whether on the stage or through their recordings.

The Afternooners will soon be working with Plaid Dog Recording to finish working on their debut full-length record. This will be the band’s first project with all of its current members, and they have been working extremely hard on it. They hope that this record will showcase their band’s abilities and show huge progress since they first started.

You can keep up with The Afternooners by giving them a follow on Instagram and make sure to check them out on Spotify before their new record drops!