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Meet The Band: Slicksilver

Local band Slicksilver discuss their origins and their inspirations

Sitting next to a lake in 2016, Martin Geppert, Aaron Morris, and Montana Cameron created the band Slicksilver. Both Morris and Cameron decided to pursue other opportunities, leaving spaces available for a bass player and drummer. The two slots were eventually filled with James Such on bass and Raphael Santos on the drums. Now the band is expecting to release their first full-length, self-produced album in the late summer or early fall of 2020.

Slicksilver is separated from other bands through their cheekiness within the rock and roll genre. The band says, “What you see and hear is pretty much what you get, and we mean that in a good way.”

Each member is influenced by a different musical background. Martin is inspired by the blues and artists such as Billy Gibbons, Josh Homme, and Jimi Hendrix. Raphael finds inspiration in the rock genre with acts like Envy On The Coast and Alexisonfire. James finds his influence from a combination of solid rhythm sections, weird melodic sounds, and the use of space between notes.

The community’s reaction to the band has been greatly positive. Slicksilver feels the support of older fans and newer ones and is always humbled when they see people wearing their merch. There are several local acts that the band has played next to and, on several occasions, they have participated in Road to Nightfall, a local music showcase.

While many bands have clear-cut long-term goals, Slicksilver does not have a specific destination in mind. Their main focus is to have fun while getting to do what they love. Of course, they would like to share the stage with larger acts because their greatest thrill comes from playing live. Until then they are focusing on recording, promoting their music, and getting their name out.

Although none of them claim to be experts, they are learning as they go and are quite pleased with what they have been able to create in the side room of a garage with a laptop.

To show your support and to get the latest on new live shows, follow Slicksilver on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.