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Meet The Band: SevenStones

Meet the members of this Rock Quartet!

Chattanooga rock quartet SevenStones
SevenStones Chattanooga Rock

Photo credits to Chattanooga Live Music

and Serene Travesty Media

Founded in 2016 by members Drew and Abraham, SevenStones is a hard rock quartet that is working to bring changes to local rock music that they feel are needed. They are all about positivity and delivering the message that no matter how rough things get, you can get through it. By holding true to this message and continuing to rock Chattanooga with their original music, SevenStones wants to build an image of itself as a band that puts integrity and quality first. All of the members now share a close bond, seeing SevenStones less as a band and more as a family.


Lead Singer/Guitarist

“SevenStones is my life. It’s what I thrive on. I love music and I’m getting to do it with my best friends and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”


Lead Guitarist

“I love the brotherhood and camaraderie we share as musicians. Making music with my brothers is something I would never change for the world. Cheers to the future and bringing hope to the broken.”


Bass Guitarist

“Memories. That’s what SevenStones means to me. Past, present, and future. Building on the sorrows and joys of the past, living and thriving for the present, and making the future an experience for a lifetime.”



“This is a way of life and getting to play is what makes me the happiest I can be, especially with this new family of mine.”

On Feb. 27 the SevenStones will be performing as part of Road to Nightfall, a local battle of the bands competition that will take place at The Granfalloon. Until then, you can listen to the band on Spotify, YouTube, and Bandcamp, and make sure to go give them a follow on Instagram, @sevenstonesofficial.