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Meet The Band: Point of Reference

Meet the members of this emerging local rock band!

Point of Reference is an emerging band of five friends from the greater Chattanooga area. The band was formed almost two years ago when its five members got together to play music for a film festival. They loved it so much that they decided to keep playing and thus, Point of Reference was born! While they have only released their demo album, RGB, they plan to continue to make music and perform throughout the area. The band has become a huge part of each of its member's lives, so here are the members of Point of Reference and their stories!


Lead Singer/Acoustic Guitarist

“I started with Point of Reference when me and three of the other guys got together to do a short set for a school function. Being in the band is both a dream come true and an answer to a prayer. I love the guys in the band so much and being able to get together with a group and just play songs competently is an awesome feeling. My favorite part of being in Point of Reference is the recording process. I love being in the studio!” Micah Drummer “Point of Reference is a dream come true. Dream as in, a far off unrealistic hope that I didn’t think would happen in my life. I’ve been blessed beyond my hopes and dreams. My favorite part of all of this is seeing each of our creative influences come together as we make music and I am beyond honored to be a part in making it happen. I also love that Michael’s name in our group chat is still ‘Chicken Stripper’.” Garrett Lead Electrical Guitarist “I was asked by Chandler and Michael to play lead guitar with them for our college talent show. My role in Point of Reference is to play electric guitar and also contribute by writing songs and guitar parts. The band means so much to me because I get to live out a childhood dream and fantasy. Doing shows, having fans, and releasing music have been a bucket list thing for me since I was a kid tearing it up on Rock and Guitar Hero. I also love getting studio experience and doing life with these quality dudes.” Jordan Rhythm Electric Guitarist “I joined Point of Reference after it had originally formed. I heard that some of my friends were playing music together and I asked if I could be a part of it. Since then I’ve been playing rhythm electric and singing background vocals! Being in this band has given me the opportunity to not only enjoy the music I play with these guys, but it has also given me the chance to become a better guitarist. The band has been a huge bonding experience. Every time we play a show together we feel like we are performing better and better. I have a great feeling of happiness knowing that it wasn’t just one of us, but all of us who were able to work hard to produce this awesome music.” Michael Bass Guitarist “Chandler, Micah, Garrett and I all began the band for a film festival at our school with Jordan coming in later. I love getting to play rock music with my friends! I mean, what’s not to love about that? Performing live has to be my favorite part of being in the band. It is just such an energetic experience that you can’t get when performing solo stuff.”

Make sure to go follow Point of Reference on Instagram with the handle below and to check out their album RGB on Spotify! @pointofreferenceofficial