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Meet The Band: Good Grief

Chattanooga based band Good Grief on how the band’s history and plans for the future

Photos by Johnny Bailey at 615photos

While the COVID-19 pandemic has canceled music events and left many bands and musicians feeling discouraged, local Indie and Alternative band Good Grief has been focusing on moving forward.

Good Grief came into existence in 2018 and today consists of a trio of friends: Nate, Adam, and Joey.

Nate is the band’s drummer and vocalist. He says that he is personally inspired and influenced by groups like The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, and Broncho. Adam is a guitarist and vocalist who takes inspiration from more punk style bands like Korn and A Day To Remember, while Joey who plays bass says that he tends to like more music that’s more on the funky side.

“We all have super different tastes,” Adam said. “We’re a big ole’ melting pot.”

The band feels that their diverse taste in music is a strength to them, as they are able to play within a huge variety of genres. This also gives them a unique sound that differentiates them from other local bands.

Good Grief is heavily involved in the local music scene and seeks not to compete with other bands, but instead to collaborate and build partnerships with them. They often have contributed to local contests, like Road to Nightfall, and perform alongside other Chattanooga bands at venues like Songbirds.

“You gotta be inclusive. We need more of that in Chattanooga. You gotta be willing to play with anyone that you can and to just open the door and go for it.”

The band has garnished a loyal and devoted fanbase in the two years since it began, and each member attributes different factors to its success. When asked about what other emerging bands and musicians can do to find success, each member had their own ideas.

“When booking, don’t settle,” Joey says. “Spend time focusing on you!”

“Don’t be afraid to mess up,” Nate said. “Go have a good time and just be creative.”

“Make sure that you are bringing good quality to all of your media,” says Adam. “Work with local studios and advisors to make good stuff.”

They currently have an album out and have recently completed another that they promise will have a huge variety of music in it and will be able to put listeners in a unique headspace. It is expected to become available in the fall. Even bigger though, is their upcoming project Valley Vibes.

Valley Vibes Music and Arts Festival is a huge festival planned to take place in LaFayette, Georgia, just a short drive from Chattanooga. More than 30 local bands are slated to be there along with a huge market of local artists. It will be from Oct. 16-17 and Good Grief are one of the biggest sponsors behind the event.

For more information on the Valley Vibes Music and Arts Festival, make sure to visit its website and to follow the event on Facebook. Good Grief can also be followed on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram with their first album Hopeful Skepticism can be listened to here!