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Meet Tane Hopper: Taking A Candid Of Life

Tane Hopper is one of Chattanooga's most unique photographers with her focus on photographing local street culture as it happens

The old adage holds true that a picture can tell a thousand words. While photography is a relatively new art form in a historical sense, the camera has managed to become one of the titans of the art world, giving many a way to express themselves and tell stories that no other medium could do justice. Local photographer Tane Hopper has made a name for herself as a capturer of stories, using her art to document the hip-hop life and street culture of Chattanooga. As a kid, she was always around cameras and loved taking photos. She originally had a greater passion for videography, and while she does still love making videos, she has grown into the photography lifestyle and in the last two years has developed a style and area of work that she loves being a part of.

What really separates Tane from other local photographers is the subject matter of her photos. Living in the Scenic City, it’s no surprise that nature photography and photos of the more iconic Chattanooga spots dominate the portfolios of most photographers. Tane instead focuses instead on taking photos that are more slice of life and showcase the lives of those in Chattanooga’s hip-hop and street life scenes. If there’s someone taking photos at a local rap show, odds are its Tane. Her photos show life as it happens with the focus being on the people themselves. Candid shots are her favorite as they capture that nonchalant feeling that she aims for. In terms of reaching the point where she is at, Tane says that her style is constantly evolving and that her biggest challenges at first were just learning best practices and finding the best way to edit photos to get the results that she wants. Aside from that, it’s been largely just learning from mistakes and searching for that angle or setting that puts her on the right path.

Tane says that her favorite subjects for her photos are people in places that look like they are lived in. All of her photos are full of character and almost radiate this sense of genuineness with each candid. They aren’t just still shots of people smiling and looking at the camera; they are real stories that have been captured with just a click. Make sure to go follow Tane on Instagram with the handle


so you can see tons of her great photos!