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Meet Robert Schoolfield: Seeking Identity In Today's Clutter

Chattanooga artist Robert Schoolfield discusses the process of finding a unique style.

It’s becoming quicker and easier every day for artists to share their creative endeavors with the world via social media. While this has connected artists and spread ideas in an unparalleled fashion, it’s also saturated feeds and timelines, making it harder than ever for artists to develop a truly individual style. This means that uniquely inspired artists like Robert Schoolfield have to find ways to set themselves apart. Robert is a Chattanooga-based artist whose unmistakably colorful and dynamic paintings have been displayed across the country and abroad. His pieces Consensual Connection and The Happening were recently featured in the Picasso Inspired group exhibit in London’s Elizabeth James Gallery. He also has several pieces on display in Chattanooga’s Area 61 Gallery.

Robert’s been painting since he got ahold of his grandmother’s brushes, and only through years of experimenting and chasing his passions did his own style emerge.

“By being true to yourself and honestly expressing any source of creativity within yourself, style will naturally appear,” he said.

Trying to emulate popular artists and follow emerging trends can easily cloud artistic vision. It’s never been more important for creatives to consider their own unique perspectives in order to form healthy relationships with the plethora of ideas and media at our fingertips.

“I have created something that speaks for who I am and I find that to be rare. There isn’t anything else similar to what I do, because no one can be me better than me,” Robert continued. “To me, life is inspiring. I like real stories about real people…we all have a story.”

Robert has curated series in the past, including The Effort Series, The Signature Series, and Special Delivery, but he’s currently devoting his time to whatever he feels compelled to create in the moment, he shared.

“I want to encourage anyone out there to pursue whatever it is that their heart desires,” he said. “It really is a beautiful thing to go after whatever it is you are passionate about. We’re all sharing our own versions of truth.”

In January, Robert will be featured in the Dedo Maranville Fine Art Gallery in Valdosta, Georgia. You can support his work by visiting the Area 61 Gallery on Broad Street, checking out his personal gallery here, or following his Instagram @rhschoolfield .

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