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Meet Michelle Fountain: Finding Comfort Through Art

Michelle Fountain on creating memorial pieces and sharing her passion to educate and comfort

Considering herself to be an abstract artist, Michelle Fountain focuses on creating art with no boundaries. Beginning her career in 2001, she focused on faux finishing in which she would reconstruct walls, cabinetry, and furniture. It was not until 2013 that she felt as though she could begin creating without borders, eventually leading her to find her perfect medium - working with alcohol inks and epoxy resin.

Although she creates many different works, those that hold the most meaning tend to be memorials. In 2015, Fountain’s mother passed away leading her to start making memorial pieces. She was lacking a connection with her mother’s ashes so she decided to honor her memory by creating a new piece. A large flower was created from epoxy resin and some of her mother’s ashes were placed in the flower’s center. The work embodied her mother’s essence through her love of flowers. Since then, Fountain has created multiple commissions for both people and pets.

“Creating memories is so rewarding,” Michelle said. “I want my client to find peace and comfort in these very personal pieces.”

Fountain hopes that her works can emotionally inspire the community, especially in her memorial pieces. She wants her “client to find peace and comfort in these very personal pieces.” There are no specific goals for her art except to continue creating as long as she is living and to bring peace and comfort to clients requesting memorial pieces.

In addition to composing works from ink and resin, she loves to teach the art to others. In 2017 she began teaching locally and nationally to adults and children. Fountain believes that “knowledge must be shared and art is great therapy, particularly in the times we live in.”

“I want to continue creating as long as I live and breathe. I hope that I will be doing more memorial pieces in the future to bring comfort to those who have lost someone special to them, while also educating others, locally and nationally.”

Michelle Fountain can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website (that is currently under construction)