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Meet Laura Johnson: Creator of Slow Drawl Studios

Laura Johnson explains her passion for creation and the origins of her pottery business, Slow Drawl Studios.

Local creative Laura Johnson has had a passion for art since she was 8 years old, when her mom enrolled her in an oil painting class and she began attending pottery camp. Since then, she has graduated with an art degree and now makes ceramics full-time.

Laura is a proud Chattanoogan artist who appreciates the variety of unique styles that local potters have to offer. Because of the skills and passions she has developed, she is able to look at her pottery first and foremost through the eyes of an artist.

For Laura, pottery encourages mindfulness and allows her to find small, meaningful moments during chaotic days. She hopes that her pottery can provide that for others as well.

“I put a lot of thought into each piece, and I am very intentional about the energy I put into my pots. I hope others can see and feel that as well,” Laura said.

While many have artists have struggled during the Covid-19 pandemic, Laura has been able to use it as a time to focus on her craft. It was during this time that she was able to turn a 144 square foot room in her house into the space she now calls Slow Drawl Studios and uses to work on her pottery business full time.

“It has been so rewarding -- and honestly, it is an honor -- knowing other people value and love my work,” Laura says.

In the future, Laura hopes to further incorporate business and community by hosting ‘seconds sales’ that are accessible to those who donate to local mutual-aid organizations.

“Self-led community development is so important to me and so necessary to take care of the people living in Chattanooga who might not have access to necessary care that everyone deserves,” she states.

On March 20, Laura will display her work at a market at the Starbucks in North Shore. To keep up with Laura’s work, follow her on Facebook. Her art can also be found on her Instagram.

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