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Meet Katrina Ferrier: Cultivating Her Craft

Katrina Ferrier shares her experiences curating her first own art show and how her art career has developed.

Katrina Ferrier is a local Chattanooga artist who recently curated her own art show at the taproom Barley Chattanooga. She has been cultivating and crafting her own eerily enchanting style for years and is hungry to continue showing her creations.

“While I get inspired to create by what feels like virtually everything,” Katrina said, “I can get particularly inspired and excited by the materials I’m working with and the possibilities they bring.”

Katrina added, “One of the beautiful things about art is that everyone’s style is unique and personal to them.” She believes the artists’ “backgrounds, perspectives, and personalities” appear in their work through interpretation.

“A lot of my pieces are slightly creepy and strange when taken as a whole,” Katrina said, “but on closer inspection have a lot of fine detail that could be described as pretty when looked at in isolation.”

Katrina enjoys working with her “bread and butter” black-ink dip-pens on paper by “letting go of the need for control and allowing the ink to run a bit wild.” Additionally, in the past year, she has started exploring the use of laser cutters to experiment with and open new avenues for her pieces.

On curating her own art show at Barley in October, Katrina said the process of putting together the show and organizing the promotion was surprisingly fun. She said, “I really enjoyed it just as much as I did getting my own pieces ready for the show, and I can’t wait to put on another one for 2021.”

Katrina wants to keep growing as an artist and pushing herself to experiment and refine her craft. While continuing to work a full-time job, she hopes that the next step is to “share my work and the work of other local artists with the community” through more art shows in the future.

“Art has always been an important part of my life,” Katrina said, “because I love creating things, and it brings me joy unlike anything else really does for me.”

Be sure to go follow Katrina Ferrier on Instagram to stay updated on her new and upcoming work. You can also visit her Etsy page to view and purchase her art!