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Meet Katie Lyon: Bringing Country Back To Its Roots

Local musician Katie Lyon is finding her voice by venturing back into the heart of country. Straying from the modern scene of pop-infused and “bro-country”, Lyon brings it back to its roots and finds soul in traditional storytelling.

“While modern music seems to resemble a pop/country mashup, my newest album brings country music back to storytelling and easy listening. [It] skips the fluff and gets right down to the raw feelings”

The singer/songwriter originally from Southwest Florida and grew up listening to country music before eventually working at the local radio station Gator Country 101.9. Her road to music began, however, after scoring an internship at Showdog Universal in Nashville- a station owned by Toby Keith- in 2014. It was around this time that Lyon picked up the guitar and began writing her own music and exploring Nashville’s open-mic scene.

Lyon lived as a rolling stone, traveling and playing music. After a few years of getting some experience under her belt, she returned to Nashville in 2016 to record her first studio album with Radar Records, “No Matter Where You Roam”, inspired by her hiatus.

Reminiscent of the sweet sounds of yesteryear, ‘No Matter Where You Roam” features Lyon’s folk/roots style of storytelling to bring traditional country back into the avant-garde. Described as Country or Americana, Katie’s inspirations are evident throughout.

“Musically, my biggest inspiration is Brandi Carlile. She also finds a way to help the world with music; I hope I can spend my days doing that, too!”

Another source of inspiration is Lyon’s mother, who always supported her musical endeavors. Her mother was diagnosed with metaplastic breast cancer in 2019 and lost the long, struggling battle this past March.

“She was always such a hardworking and independent woman. She pushed me to continue this music journey more times than I can count. She’s the light of my life and I miss her more than I can express, but I promised her I’d keep pushing.”

Lyon has started a fund to help others that are struggling with this terrible disease and will take up donations when live shows continue. Until then, she has started a GoFundMe, and has already raised over $7,000 towards the cause.

True to her promise, Lyon recently released her latest album “Some Things Take Time”. Recorded with Juniper Records in Cape Coral, FL, her next album ranges expression from somber melodies to jaunty, cheerful tunes. When asked about the theme of the album, Lyon stated that it “tells tales of staying true to yourself, finding happiness in places you don’t expect, and learning it’s okay to appreciate the “still” in a fast-moving world”.

Katie is excited to enter the local scene and has recently bought a home in the Chattanooga area. Roots and solidarity are what the world needs right now, and Lyon is eager to offer both. She can be followed on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Make sure to visit her website to learn more about her works.