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Meet Josh Green: Adding the Visual to Drums

Josh Green is combining visual arts and music through his unique drumming experiences.

Josh Green’s musical career started close to home, near a trailer nestled in a field in Chickamauga, Georgia, when he discovered his father’s vintage Ludwig kit.

“[The drum set] was just down the road in a storage unit at my grandmother’s,” Josh recalled. “I craftily convinced my mom to pick up the drums because I thought the instrument looked fun.”

As Josh grew, so did his passion for the drums. He joined a marching band and several jazz bands. He studied jazz in college, and afterward, he began forming bands of his own.

“My most fervent musical endeavors include Infradig, The Distribution, Summer Dregs, and work with songwriter Josh Garrels,” he said.

Josh’s current effort involves combining music with visual light shows.

“My pal Carl Cadwell introduced the idea of us building a light show as a primary live component with our band, Summer Dregs,” Josh explained. “When that band was no more … I had just discovered Sunhouse Sensory Percussion and its remarkable capabilities for fusing deep musical composition capabilities with stunning visual content.”

Following this, Josh worked to combine this technology with a solo piece, and he has continued creating unique visual and audial experiences ever since.

“I have been very encouraged by many of my peers within the cultural circles of Chattanooga,” he said. “I deeply believe in the eccentricity and uniqueness of this art and hope to take it as far as humanly possible.”

Now that the pandemic is nearing its end, Josh is able to hold live performances once again, and the return to the stage has him feeling “euphoric.”

“Over the pandemic, I was able to record and produce my debut solo record, and successfully crowdfunded it for a vinyl pressing,” Josh said. “It was quite frustrating to have to wait so long to get it out there, but in the end, it certainly paid off.”

“At the end of May,” he continued, “I took hundreds of feet of LED tape, installed it in the forest at Treetop Hideaways, and had a rather epic record release show to kick off summer. It was glorious.”

Josh has just released his EP, LUMEN, and will be doing some forest illumination throughout the summer. In July, he will perform at Yellow Rackets Records, and he will also appear at the Valley Vibes Music & Art Festival in September.

Keep up with Josh on Instagram and Facebook, watch his performances on YouTube, listen to his music on SoundCloud, and discover even more on his website!