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Meet Jennifer Anderson: Chattanooga's Go-To Photographer

Jennifer Anderson on how her photography business has grown and where she hopes it will go.

From the age of seven, Jennifer Anderson has had a camera in her hand.

“My mother used to buy me those yellow Kodak throw away cameras and would be upset with me for ‘only taking pictures of flowers,’” she said.

Later on, Jennifer became interested in a job at Sears Portrait Studio. She stopped by after school two times a week to ask for the job. When she found out another girl was selected for the position, Jennifer insisted that she didn’t care and still wanted to be hired. She got the job!

Jennifer’s studio offers “a full-service experience complete with hair and makeup, designer gowns and a high-end client closet, sports-car rentals, and more.” She collaborates with her clients to plan every detail together and create their dream shoot.

“We provide more of a cinematic or fashion-style approach,” she said. “We use multiple external lighting sources to manipulate the light to look the way we want.”

Many of Jennifer’s clients are women coming in for senior portraits, engagement photos, weddings, boudoir shoots, and family portraits. Her goal is “to make these women feel beautiful in the skin they’re in – right now, not when they lose a few more pounds or get their braces off. Right here, right now, you are beautiful.”

Jennifer’s dream photoshoot entails traveling around the world to take photos of rainforests, the desert, and the white villages on the Mediterranean Coast.

Jennifer Anderson Photography will be growing over the next several years, as they position themselves to “be the go-to studio in the Chattanooga area for all your photography needs.” They hope to be able to complete all of their workload in-house, allowing them to add jobs to the local job market.

Check out their photos, book a shoot, and keep up with Jennifer Anderson Photography on Facebook, Instagram, and on their website!

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