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Meet Jack Endelouz: Finding A Passion Like No Other

Chattanooga based Rhythm and Blues musician Jack Endelouz discusses his inspiration and plans for his band, Endelouz.

Jack’s passion for music has been a constant in his life since childhood. Though his love for music remains steady, his career is constantly evolving. Over the years Jack has performed solo and in various bands, both singing and playing the pedal steel guitar. Jack isn’t fazed by an influx or decrease in attention.

“The thing that defines my career for me is that I am proud of my work,” he says. He doesn’t measure his work based on its success, but rather his own feelings toward it.

While Jack’s music stands out, he doesn’t see himself as separate from other artists. He views himself as unique, yet connected to artists who have touched his life. Artists have played a huge role in his life, inspiring him to the point where they have become a part of him and his music.

Jack’s dream for his career is to be able to tour and record music non-stop. He would also like to continue to work with new people who can take his music to the next level. Recently, Jack has been trying to transform the entertainment he provides on stage to an online audience. In order to achieve this goal, he has started “Chateau Del Endelouz.” Available on their Facebook page, “Chateau del Endelouz” is a video and live stream series that Jack has created with his fellow musicians.

Another current project of Jack’s is the new album that his band, Endelouz, is working on. This album is imbued with Memphis soul— it features the lowest lows and most epic victories. The album focuses on the Greek myth of Orpheus with songs about the resurrection of lost love, redemption, and revivals. Jack says this album is his defining work.

Through all of his music, Jack hopes that he can encourage people not to lose their hearts.

“I have never found anything else like that for me.”

Make sure to go give Endelouz current music a listen and be on the lookout for its upcoming album! You can follow Jack on Instagram to keep up with his projects.

Written by Sarah Shuler