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Meet Ethan Shulman: Captivating Through Film

Photographer and urban explorer Ethan Shulman on how he captivates his audience

“Be yourself. Shoot for you. Stay original!” Wise words from a photographer who maintains a unique perspective on film.

While primarily working with black and white, Ethan Shulman’s main goal in photography is to keep a captive audience, be it through a long or short moment. To stand out from other photographers, Ethan takes his camera with him on scouting adventures around the Scenic City, always on the hunt for areas that are low in foot traffic. Ethan claims the title “urban explorer”, which for those who know the city of Chattanooga also know it to have an abundance of explore-worthy sites.

Being in the moment is important to Ethan, as this means scoping out the best spots with an urban decay appeal. He puts great time and effort into making sure that when he finds a shot worthy spot, he is able to give it the time and energy it requires to get the most captivating shot he can. His goal is always to carry that feeling of captivating to his audience through the photo.

A divide between Ethan and other photographers is a trained eye developed alongside the use of different mediums. To this up-and-coming visual artist, film is an important aspect of photography. The pressure to have everything dialed in correctly for proper exposure while keeping the visual appeal interesting challenges Ethan to go above and beyond average expectations. This skill will travel with him as he aspires to go into editorial work for a magazine or newspaper, potentially even National Geographic.

Ethan shares his photographic artwork on his Instagram but his entire portfolio can be more easily viewed here on his website.