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Meet Eric Kirkendoll: Going Live

Local musician Eric Kirkendoll has only recently joined Chattanooga’s creative community, yet he has already sold out a solo show and is working on a series of original songs.

Eric Kirkendoll’s life of music began as a child. He and all seven of his siblings were all involved in music.

“My earliest musical influences were based on what my older siblings were listening to,” Eric said. “There was a little bit of everything in that mix, but Dave Matthews, John Mayer, and Damien Rice became some of my favorites.”

Eric enjoyed these particular artists mostly because of the way they played the acoustic guitar. At the age of 13, Eric received his first guitar.

“Over time, I fell in love [with] playing and entertaining people,” he said.

Eric enjoys experimenting with different styles in his music. He feels that this sets him apart from other local musicians.

“I have developed a unique live sound and performance by experimenting with acoustic guitar and vocals,” Eric said.

On May 14, Eric released “What If I Go,” the second song in a collection he will be releasing throughout the summer.

“It is a folk-soul song, leaning heavily to the soulful side,” Eric explained. “I wrote the music first, and the lyrics came to me shortly after.”

“This collection has become an exploration of sounds, styles, and vibes,” Eric continued. “Someday, I plan to release an album with a more consistent feel, but for now, I am experimenting with different sounds that I enjoy.”

Eric hopes his music will benefit both the individual listener and the community as a whole through kindness and positive energy.

“I hope that it helps to uplift or enhance the mood of the listener and that it creates an atmosphere where people can feel calm or connected,” he said.

Eric also desires to give back to the community after all the support they have given him.

“I am truly humbled by the support I have received,” he said, “and it has inspired me to perform from my heart every time I have the chance.”

For now, Eric spends most of his time writing songs and performing.

“I usually play two or three live shows a week around Chattanooga and the surrounding area,” he said. “Sometimes I perform as a solo act, but lately, I have been playing as a part of a duo, trio, and full band.”

“I recently sold out a local show. That was a big moment for me,” Eric said. “The support is truly humbling.”

Eric’s next single, “Speed Trap,” will be available June 18. Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram and to check out his previous music on Spotify!

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