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Meet Connie Roberts: 80 Paintings In 100 Days

Connie Roberts has established herself as a local painter in just over a year through intense dedication

Roberts started painting a year ago in earnest when she got an H-style easel. She immediately began painting with immense dedication, spending much of her time reading art books and even taking online classes.

Challenging herself, she painted every day for 100 days to “move beyond an occasional practice.” She completed 80 paintings in that time.

When looking at Connie’s original pieces, the paintings leap off the canvas and interrupt the senses. Following one pattern leads you to another, and the colors fabricate adventures of the mind. In fact, Roberts knows her colors are what captures her audience the most. 

“I’m known for color. Lots of color.” Roberts says.

Though she is still experimenting and hasn’t settled on a style yet, her influences range from classical juggernauts like Van Gogh and Renoir to artists she follows on Instagram.

Her wandering creations never waver as she is continuing to explore styles like Impressionism, fauvism, and/or some combination of those genres. But she also enjoys painting “figurative and lighthearted” pieces as well. 

It’s all a matter of figuring out where the opportunities are for Roberts and putting yourself out there.

“I’ve had rejection and acceptance, but I have not gotten discouraged.”

She finds Chattanooga to be an area supportive of her work. Her application to the Chattanooga Market has given her the chance to showcase her work. 

Roberts sold 80 paintings last year through the online market.

“I have spent every available moment learning, painting, marketing, and meeting people, which is what it takes to launch an art career,” Roberts says. 

You can find her paintings on Instagram, Etsy, and Facebook, or here on her website.