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Meet Christina From Majic Monsters: On Creating Monsters

The creator of Majic Monsters discuss how she started her business and the goals that she has for it

Anyone interested in the artists of Chattanooga has likely at some point come across cute figurines of imaginative monsters, postage stamps with intricate drawings of creatures interacting on them, or street art showcasing creative displays of colorful animals and beings. Shockingly, all of these unique pieces are being created by the same art business: Majic Monsters.

Christina is the creator of Majic Monsters and all of its art pieces, and while Majic Monsters began in 2012, she has been creating for much longer. Ever since childhood, she has been drawing, but it was in 2007 that she started to explore drawing her 'monsters'. She soon began putting them on stickers to put around town.

"The monsters looked very different back then. I would just draw a shape and make a random monster out of it," Christina said. "They were all pretty odd looking."

Today Christina says that her monsters have a more 'cutesy' them to them, but she still sometimes goes back to her roots when she wants a different feel. Her style is heavily influenced by graffiti art and using social media prompts.

"Sometimes I just start drawing a figure and see where it goes. I often come up with images when I just start drawing that I never would have thought of out of the blue otherwise."

The main goal that Christina has for Majic Monsters is to keep pushing herself to grow as an artist. She wants to become involved with larger projects in the future like creating large-scale murals, displaying toys at conventions, and being more involved with sticker based projects.

"I love Chattanooga. My husband is from here and I think it's an awesome place. I hope to inspire anyone reading this to experiment as much as they can. Try to constantly evolve and push yourself to get into new things now and then."

Make sure to go follow Majic Monsters on Instagram and Facebook. If you like what you see, you can support them via their Patreon and by visiting their online shop!