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Meet Ashley Laster: Watercolor Artist

Art has been an integral part of Ashley Laster’s life since childhood. Her creativity was heavily influenced by her father, Randy Griffith.

“My dad, who is also a local artist…was always drawing or painting when I was little,” she said. “The interest always came naturally through my life.”

Ashley began experimenting with hand-lettering ink in 2018, eventually leading her to watercolor.

Ashley’s biggest inspiration for her work comes from color.

“I love finding color variations and palettes in just ordinary, everyday life,” she said. “I think color can sometimes communicate emotion more than the subject itself.”

Ashley feels watercolor is an especially diverse medium in which each artist can express themselves uniquely. “I see so many different styles and ways to use it,” she said.

Rather than focus on separating herself from others, Ashley mostly concentrates on how her pieces impact viewers.

“I mostly want people to feel a sense of happiness when they see my work,” she said.

Ashley’s method in creating a project is mostly made up of keeping her routine simple and flexible.

“I work full time and have a two-year-old,” she said. “Most times my process includes getting in a few brush strokes in anywhere I can…[m]ostly at night time or during a lunch break.”

“I try not to think about the process too much and just let whatever exists in my life in that moment be reflected in my work,” she concluded.

At the moment, Ashley’s biggest project is the Chattanooga market. “I try to bring new, original pieces each time I’m there.”

Keep up with Ashley’s work and check out her pieces on Instagram!

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