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Meacham Writers’ Workshop 2022

Hear from published authors as the Meacham Writers' Workshop returns in 2022, now in a virtual format.

Started in the 80s by Richard Jackson, The Meacham Writers’ Workshop intends to bring in published authors from around the world to read their works of prose or poetry aloud, host discussion sessions, and inspire aspiring writers through support and constructive criticism.

The workshop benefits aspiring writers by providing them with varying viewpoints from authors and giving them the opportunity to have their writing be reviewed by the selection of authors visiting in seminars.

One of Richard’s favorite outcomes of each year is seeing the growth in the writing abilities of students and other attendees. The exposure to published authors, some originating from Chattanooga, offers inspirations to aspiring writers and a great opportunity to learn and grow in their skills.

The Meacham Writers’ Workshop will be hosted virtually this year, and all writers, of all ages and abilities, are able to attend the event for free. If you enjoy reading more than writing, the workshop offers a unique and amazing experience to hear published authors read from their works.

The workshop schedule is as follows:

Reading Schedule:

Feb 23

7 PM – Catherine Meeks, Russell Helms, Tom Balazs, Tracye Pool

Feb 24

7 PM – Pam Uschuk, Bill Root, John Holman, Andrew Najberg

Feb 25

12 PM – Bradley Paul, Kris Whorton, Alex Quinlan, Laurel Snyder

Feb 25

7 PM – Rick Jackson, Bret Lott, Karen Babine, Stephen Corey

Feb 26

2 PM – Mark Cox, Sarah Einstein, Seth Michelson, Earl Braggs

Seminar Schedule and Submission:

Feb 26

9 AM – Pam Uschuk, Bill Root, John Holman, Bret Lott

10:15 AM – Seth Michelson, Mark Cox, Laurel Snyder, Bradley Paul, Stephen Corey

The Zoom link for the workshop will be posted soon, so be on the look out for it at the workshop’s website!

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