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Making It Big: Swayyvo's Take On How Local Musicians And Businesses Can Collaborate

Local musician Swayyvo discusses how he has become involved with local businesses and how others can do so.

photo by Vanessa Krauss (@lion.nessa)

For any emerging musical artist finding that big break where they really start to shine is difficult. There’s a lot that can hold people back from reaching even local stardom, regardless of how talented the artist is. With enough dedication and effort though, anyone can make a name for themselves. One local artist who has truly managed to do so is Swayyvo. He started out as just a kid playing saxophone in middle school, but by continuing to practice and hone his skills as a writer, saxophonist, and hip-hop artist, he has become one of the cities biggest rising stars. Now he is practically a household name, doing commercials for local businesses when he isn’t jamming at shows across town. So how did Swayyvo land deals like becoming the face of Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union (TVFCU) and getting his songs played by the NBA? When we asked Swayyvo about working with local businesses and larger companies he said that a big asset to him was the fact that he is so versatile. If he had come across only as a hip-hop artist he thinks that would have made it more difficult. Being able to show that he had a myriad of skills made him more desirable to businesses. He also told us that he never approached businesses asking for their help. Swayyvo always presented himself instead as a partner and someone who could help their business. Showing confidence and establishing that he and the business partnering would be mutually beneficial helped immensely in getting attention. Swayyvo says that doing stuff like this is by no means difficult and that local musicians can easily find businesses and groups in Chattanooga willing to work with them. “Just reaching out and coming up with creative ways to partner and help each other goes a long way,” Swayyvo said when we asked him for what tips he would give for emerging artists looking for business partnerships. “Businesses are much more willing than you may think. Doesn’t hurt to try.” Swayyvo assured us that he has a lot of new content on the way. He has been working with more local businesses and tons of local musical artists. More music will be dropping soon and he has a few special projects on the way that you are not going to want to miss! Make sure to go follow him on Instagram with the handle @swayyvo so you can stay up to date on everything he does!

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