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Maggie Vandewalle’s Progress And Growth In The Art Community

Maggie Vandewalle continues to expand her social platform and her art style.

Time is an opportunity for growth. In 2020 amidst quarantine, we all have time on our hands. Even though we’ve already introduced her, Maggie Vandewalle has already grown in both popularity and style.

Maggie still contributes to Chattanooga’s Area 61 gallery with her beautifully realistic pieces. She has also increased her online presence through her Etsy shop, HijinxedEtc.

“It sells greeting cards, small matted prints, t-shirts, and calendars,” Maggie shared.

Maggie’s style and content for her pieces have also seen time’s influence. In the past, her work’s staple was a whimsical theme. Since the beginning of this year, Maggie has narrowed her focus to a more realistic approach. These large-scale pieces were focused on rocks, lichen, water, and woods.

“While there was whimsy involved, the emphasis was on realism and mood. I’ve always incorporated it into my work, though I feel the need to really push it, ” she said.

Maggie draws inspiration for her realistic pieces from things as simple as a quick hike in the woods. With the aspect of realism still intact, her pieces take on a progressively fantastical theme while maintaining great detail.

While the pandemic has slowed some of the art community, Maggie has persevered and has several new accomplishments. She recently sent a painting to Scotland for a gallery show coming this October, along with starting her 2021 calendar.

“Due to the pandemic, I’ve been focusing on online sales which has helped compensate for the cancellation of shows and temporary closing of galleries,” Maggie said.

Vandewalle has also begun illustrating a chapter book. Contacted by a woman who lost her illustrator for her first book in the series, Maggie eagerly took the project head-on. The trilogy series is about an academy of mice within the walls of the Bancroft Hall at the USNA. Titled Chester Midshipmouse, the series is hoped to be available by December.

Maggie’s exponential growth is attributed to her own talent and the fascination of her audience. Making a life such as Maggie’s possible is greatly helped by those who view and share her social media. You can find her shop on Etsy here. She is also on Instagram. Please stop by and share her work!