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Local Potter Donates Profits To Teachers In Hamilton County

Through her pottery and her Patreon, Jamie Rae raised over $2,000 last summer for teachers’ wish lists and classroom needs.

When she moved to Chattanooga three years ago, Jamie hadn’t been at the pottery wheel since high school. She decided to try it once more and signed up for a class. The craft clicked with Jamie right away.

“Something about the clay just speaks to me,” Jamie said. “I have heard about how people can just pick up an instrument and learn how to play, that’s how it felt with clay for me.”

Since then, Jamie has created dozens of uniquely crafted mugs, planters, bowls, and other pottery pieces.

“The pottery community in Chattanooga is so supportive of each other that I think we all really grow from each other,” Jamie said. “We all have our own little spin on our work that makes us different and unique to our supporters.”

For Jamie, that personal spin originates in her love of bees. Many of her pieces have a little hidden bee somewhere that people love to find.

Ultimately, pottery intersects with Jamie’s occupation as an elementary teacher.

“While I would love to make pottery my full-time job, I still teach full time at a local elementary school,” Jamie said.

Along with donating funds to her peers, Jamie has started an after-school pottery program at her current school. After spending hours with elementary students, the quiet moments at the wheel have served as Jamie’s method to destress.

“The days that I get to be alone and just sit at my wheel and create pieces is always my favorite part,” Jamie said. “I think because my job as a teacher requires me to be ‘on’ so much that this time feels so special to just have for myself.”

This summer, Jamie Rae is currently restocking her online store to donate funds to teachers’ wish lists in Hamilton County.

Visit her website, check out her Instagram, or become a member on her Patreon to support local pottery and education!