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Local Film Enthusiast Shares His Love Of Cinema With New Podcast

Troy Long started “As Time Goes By” as a way to share his love of film and get others interested in filmmaking.

Podcasts seem to be popping up constantly nowadays, and with the market filling so quickly, some creators may worry about oversaturation and a lack of originality. One local creator who doesn’t have this issue is Troy Long, founder of “As Time Goes By,” a podcast focused on film history and current discourse in the world of cinema.

Troy has long been a friend of Scenic Trend and has helped with content creation and brainstorming. He has taken on many creative endeavors and become a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, having skills in writing, videography, editing, music, and other creative fields.

“In 2019 I was put in a situation where I was incredibly sick,” Troy said. “I’ve had health issues all of my life, including four open-heart surgeries. I was forced to go on oxygen and felt defeated. This continued through the pandemic and into 2021, and while all of us had to spend a lot of time indoors because of Covid-19, for me it’s become a constant reality. I’ve had to prioritize rest over experience while also trying to find new avenues of artistic creation.”

Film has always been a passion for Troy. He spends most of his time watching movies and then watching or listening to their reviews. Merging his love of film discussion with the podcast format only felt natural.

Troy felt especially inspired to begin “As Time Goes By” by his need to stay connected with friends and the arts from his bedroom.

“My goal has always been to surround myself with people and art,” Troy said. “This [podcast] gives me the opportunity to talk about my favorite art form with my friends.”

Troy looks forward to developing his podcasting skills through this project and is making great efforts to really make “As Time Goes By” stand out. While the podcast does have a focus on analyzing films from a historical perspective, Troy does not want to limit his options and intentionally goes after ideas that he personally finds interesting and under-discussed.

“There are a bevy of film podcasts out there, but this is the only one with extensive cough breaks. I’m proud of that,” Troy said.

The purpose of “As Time Goes By” is entirely to take time to think about media consumption and discuss what it means about society and its culture. Troy thinks that this will ignite further discussion and deeper thinking about the world of film and its history.

“I really want to thank anybody who spends their time listening to the podcast,” Troy said. “There is so much content available to watch and listen to, and the fact that anybody would choose to spend their time with a bumbling, out-of-breath maniac makes me feel grateful.”

Listen to “As Time Goes By” on Spotify, and follow Troy’s podcasting journey on Instagram!

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